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Allergies and Marmapuncture (Marma therapy)

This story is about Swen with Allergies and how he came under treatment at Ayruveda using the Marmapuncture (Marma therapy) technique.

Swen was just over four months old when he first developed a weird red rash on his tummy and limbs. According to the doctor a viral infection. We kept his skin well oiled and after a while the rash disappeared. When Swen was almost seven months old, it started again. This time, however, he also had a rash on his head, face, neck and was very itchy. The general practitioner prescribed hormone ointment against the itching unseen, the diagnosis was (also unseen) eczema. Reluctantly, we started using the hormone ointment. An allergy test, it was said, does not make much sense in these little ones.
The hormone ointment didn’t help, it only got worse. We have tried all kinds of remedies for eczema and itching. Nothing helped. In the meantime, things didn’t get any better. Swen slept very restlessly and woke up crying and scratching a lot. His skin was bright red, almost shiny. He obediently allowed us to put socks on his hands to prevent him from scratching, but he did not sleep more peacefully because of it.
During the day Swen was quite cheerful but quickly tired and burned because of the restless nights. Everything he was allowed to eat and drink in the meantime went in with taste, everything was tasty.

Through the health clinic we were advised to put Swen on a diet to find out what he might be allergic to. Swen, who was used to his daily menu, made it clear at night that his ration was not enough. Every night he came again twice for a bottle. The diet offered no clarity and afterwards brought more bad than good.
Both Swen and his mom and dad got through all the broken nights at the end of their rope. That didn’t make the atmosphere at home any more pleasant. Something really had to be done now, this was unsustainable. We are really aware that there are far worse things out there, but seeing your child suffering from the itch like this is terrible. Surely they say, “It’s better to hurt than itch.”
Through a family member who had read an article about a boy who had been successfully treated for his allergies, we found information about Marmapuncture (Marma therapy), a kind of combination of acupuncture and kinesiology. Because Swen is still so small, the treatment method immediately appealed to us because there are no medicines and tedious tests involved.

Marma therapie ayurvedaThe appointment was quickly made at Premdani Ayurveda Clinic in Olst and two days later Swen received his first treatment. The muscle test showed that he had an allergic reaction to many substances. His still rather limited daily menu actually contained all those substances. One by one, the allergies were eliminated. Every treatment a different substance. Swen must not come into contact with the substance concerned for the next 25 hours after the treatment. This is sometimes difficult, but 25 hours is manageable.
We are now 2.5 months further. The eczema and itching are not completely gone but Swen is a different boy. The complaints have hindered his development. The moment the worst “culprits” had been eliminated, Swen suddenly started crawling, something he had wanted for a long time but just couldn’t. Very shortly afterwards he stood up and the walking will not take long. Swen is sleeping through the night again and so are we!

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