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Ulcerative Colitis

About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. After a long period of being sick, trying medication, feeling even worse and having bowel tests, I finally made the right decision to try alternative medicine.

I first read the book by Etienne Premdani : “Ayurveda – the jewel of medicine” and I was immediately convinced that this form of healing suited me well. It is also highly recommended to read this book.

I’m super happy I made this choice! I found out that the cause of the inflammation was due to parasites and fungi in my intestines. This never came out in the hospital. Etienne Premdani first did an ALBA (Ayurveda Live Blood Analysis) with me. I now take various herbs and receive various treatments (Ayurvedic Marma acupuncture (Marmapuncture) and High Intestinal Rinse (Colon Hydro Therapy). I also pay close attention to my diet and I take enough rest.

It’s getting much better! I also feel fit again and much better in my own skin. The inflammations in my intestines have not been active since I started the Ayurvedic herbal supplements. It also feels so much better to heal yourself naturally instead of fighting the symptoms with chemical drugs.

Het is misschien even investeren in je gezondheid aangezien het vaak niet volledig wordt vergoed door je zorgverzekering, maar dit is het zeker waard.


ALBA (Ayurveda Levend Bloed Analyse) voor de behandeling

ALBA (Ayurveda Levend Bloed Analyse) na de behandeling

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